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Monkey Bread recipe for your Super Bowl Sunday menu.

Monkey Bread recipe for your Super Bowl Sunday menu.

Thank you to everyone that supported us by watching our Monkey Bread hangout!  If you missed it you can watch it by clicking here.

I saw several really good hangouts last week for SuperBowlPlus!  Here are a few I highly recommend:

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Pimento Cheese for SuperBowlPlus Week of Champions

Buffalo Chicken Wings for the SuperBowlPlus Week of Champions

There are a lot more great hangouts and you can see them by searching SuperBowlPlus on YouTube or in Google.  If I had more time I would share each of them with you, but for now this will have to do. 🙂

Monkey bread really is very simple to make and you can easily add it to your Super Bowl menu and even have a helper put it together for you. 🙂

Remember, when things don’t turn out like you planned you can always turn it into something absolutely delicious!


Watch the video to see how this idea was born!  There is always a way to fix something and we are always trying something new in the Try Anything Once kitchen!