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Monkey Bread recipe for your Super Bowl Sunday menu.

Monkey Bread recipe for your Super Bowl Sunday menu.

Thank you to everyone that supported us by watching our Monkey Bread hangout!  If you missed it you can watch it by clicking here.

I saw several really good hangouts last week for SuperBowlPlus!  Here are a few I highly recommend:

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Buffalo Chicken Wings for the SuperBowlPlus Week of Champions

There are a lot more great hangouts and you can see them by searching SuperBowlPlus on YouTube or in Google.  If I had more time I would share each of them with you, but for now this will have to do. 🙂

Monkey bread really is very simple to make and you can easily add it to your Super Bowl menu and even have a helper put it together for you. 🙂

Remember, when things don’t turn out like you planned you can always turn it into something absolutely delicious!


Watch the video to see how this idea was born!  There is always a way to fix something and we are always trying something new in the Try Anything Once kitchen!

Monkey Bread demo 4pm PST/ 7pm EST for your dessert recipe on Super Bowl Sunday! #superbowlplus #weekofchampions

This is your official invitation to watch me do a live demo to show you how easy it is to make money bread and why you’ll want to add it to your Super Bowl menu!

This is part of SuperBowlPlus Week of Champions and I am so flattered to be a part of it!

Come and show your support at this live streaming hangout!  If you have a Gmail address you already have a Google+ account and you’ll just have to log into your email account and click HERE to watch me LIVE!  You can leave comments or questions on the event page and we will be responding during the demonstration.

Just click on the play button to start watching and refresh the page at the time it is scheduled to start so you can watch it.  You’ll be able to play this again on YouTube anytime you want to see it again. 🙂

Monkey Bread is great for your sweet tooth and so easy to add to your Super Bowl menu.

See you Friday February 1 at 4pm PST/ 7pm EST!

There’s a kid in my kitchen and Monkey Bread too!

I love watching kids make a mess create food, especially in my kitchen.  Sometimes with a recipe, other times wherever the wind might blow!  Taylor made brownies for the first time when she was 2 years old and what really seemed to interest her was licking the spoon during and after the mixing process.

She graduated to recipe creator when she was 5 years old when she invented “dinner dip”.  Dinner dip is something made with a yogurt or sour cream base using mostly what you have in your kitchen.  The only rule is that you have to follow your heart.  If you want fishy crakers, put them in and if your mom says no BEG.  Pretzels, bay leaf, honey, cinnamon, applesauce…the sky is the limit with dinner dip.  You can make a dessert dip using an ice cream or whipped cream base and the key is to throw in cookies and candy that you wouldn’t normally get to eat but this is an exception since it’s a “treat”.

I’m not sure what inspired her to make this up but she’s mixed up many batches of who-knows-what and served it to us.  I may or may not have threatened a few people if they made any faces of dislike while they ate their dip. 😀

At 7, she still does make the occasional dinner dip but she started using from-scratch recipes for almost two years now.  She likes cooking and baking but she always gets so worried that no one will like her food!  So far everything she makes has been a huge hit and even gets requested when we go to potlucks.

Today she would like to share her Monkey Bread with you.

“When we put this on your blog, Mama,  make sure you tell everyone that this is not made out of monkeys.  We wouldn’t do that.  Let them know please ok?” she said.

“Taylor, I think everyone will know I don’t think I have to say it.”

“No, Mama you do because it’s called Monkey Bread they are going to think there is monkey in it and people who don’t eat animal may not want to make it.”

She is not joking, she is very serious.  So for legal purposes please be aware that our recipe for Monkey Bread does not contain any part of monkeys.

This recipe uses refrigerator biscuits which makes it easy for her to make on her own.  She was very proud to graduate to a real knife this last Saturday as she has shown me that (for the most part) she holds the knife correctly and is learning how to slice and dice.  If she had a nickel for every time I asked if she was o.k. and how she was doing…but she did great with no mishaps!

Her monkey bread turned out so perfect that it was completely consumed and much to my dismay there was no leftovers after brunch!  The fluffy biscuits were coated with the cinnamon, the sugar but most importantly the gooey sweet caramel-like sauce that she poured on top!

Since the creative girl in her still lives, she wanted to make a “dip” for the Monkey Bread.  She learned how to make whipped cream from scratch and she was so happy with the results.

It looks harmless but this is more than addictive.  Thank goodness she loves to make it because I love to eat it!- I mean serve it!

We found a recipe nearly identical to the one in our cookbook on allrecipes.com so that is the one we will be sharing with you today along with Taylor’s Dip!

Monkey Bread

We always leave out the nuts but you can add them according to the recipe if you want.  With that in mind you can find the recipe for Monkey Bread here.

Taylor’s Monkey Bread Dip

1 small container of heavy whipped cream

1/8-1/4 cup sugar depending on how sweet you would like your dip

3 1/2 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder

Zest of 1/2 an orange

Pour heavy whipping cream into a mixing bowl, add 1/8 cup sugar and mix (on high speed if you are using a kitchen mixer) until soft peaks form.  Taste your whipped cream and add more sugar if you would like.  Add your unsweetened cocoa powder and orange zest and mix again in high speed until stiff peaks form.  Spoon into a serving dish and enjoy with your Monkey Bread!