No More Hungry Nights

We believe that hunger is something that can easily be eliminated. Everything we do brings us one step closer.

We provide food, household supplies and personal care items to families who are going without by contacting school counselors and giving them a way to give families basic necessities that they need.

Once we are official we can create jobs for people who are unemployed but can pass a background check.  Our structure will provide employment; a more permanent solution and an opportunity to get involved in our community on a personal level.

We provide support, not charity.  Would you like to help?

A portion of our profits from our company will go to support No More Hungry Nights.  Our private money investors (people just like you and I), sellers and our tenant buyers are all helping us get one step closer to eliminating hunger in our neighborhoods!

From October 24-October 28 my other half and I went on a Hunger Strike eating only what is on the breakfast and lunch menu at the elementary school.  This allowed us to experience a reality for many families and helped us raise awareness of a reality some families live with on a daily basis.

Before this Hunger Strike, I felt very saddened that anyone would have such a limited food supply but I thought that it was definitely better than nothing.  Which is true.

In reality when I was going through the Hunger Strike I was not focused on being grateful for what I had eaten.  I kept thinking about when I would get my next meal.

I can only assume that is how children live when they go through each day hungry.  As a parent it would crush me to know my daughter was feeling this.  I have no choice but to create more permanent options for parents so they can solve these problems and make hunger a memory not a reality.

See our week on strike:

Hunger Strike Day 1

Hunger Strike Day 2

Hunger Strike Day 3

Hunger Strike Day 4

Hunger Strike Day 5

7 responses to “No More Hungry Nights

  1. So… I am curious. How many tomato plants do you have now? Wow… starting with over 200 is wild – will you be canning?

    • Dionne Baldwin

      Sadly, only 38 are alive right now. 😦 Slugs dominated 6 of them and the rest died on a very hot day. I tried to give them away but I couldn’t pay anyone to take them! I hated wasting them, especially that many but I didn’t think that every seed would be successful. 🙂 I definitely learned a lesson on this one and part of that lesson is that I can grow tomatoes from seed! I am planning on canning and sun-drying or the indoor equivalent. 🙂

  2. Wow… still that is a TON-o-Tomatoes! But now you are going to have so much tomato goodness over the winter – fantastic –

  3. I am totally inspired by this! My garden is not doing too hot…I think b/c it’s so freaking HOT in Atlanta these days :0(

    • Dionne Baldwin

      I freaked out a little this week because of the misty, overcast mornings. I just planted a trough of basil too so I can make enough pesto to last until…whenever! 🙂 Everything is growing so fast I could post new pics and everything would look different.

  4. This time is coming soon once again, i am exited! I am looking forward again to fresh basil, zucchini, tomatoes and basil, and mint, and… did i mention basil 🙂

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