Chocolate layer cake and Google+ for SEO.

chocolate layer cake

By now I am sure at some point you’ve heard someone rave about how awesome Google+ is.  Now you can add me to the list of G+ fans.

I had a small lesson in Google+ and how it can increase visibility if you use it correctly…

I was doing some marketing research and I came across a photo and a post of a chocolate layer cake.  I commented on the thread and lusted after a piece of moist chocolate cake before I went along my merry way.

Two nights ago I needed a chocolate layer cake recipe and not just any ‘ole recipe I needed a GOOD ONE.  So I did what I always do…I Googled it.  And what do you think came up?

That G+ post that I commented on was right at the top of the search for chocolate layer cake.  I was surprised because it’s one thing to read how to use a marketing strategy and completely another to see it in action.  I saw it in action and it “clicked” for me.

I was reminded of the way this cake had tempted me nearly to the point of ransacking my pantry for all the things I would need to make it.  Seeing the post again I was reminded of my desire to taste this rich and decadent cake.  Before I made the cake I left another comment in the thread and made a mental note to tell you how powerful G+ has become.  And then there was baking!


This chocolate layer cake was the most moist and rich that I have ever made from scratch.  And yes, I followed the recipe.  🙂

This is now our go-to chocolate layer cake recipe and the birthday boy absolutely loved it!

I didn’t use the frosting recipe that was posted with the cake because my other half doesn’t like peanut butter for some reason.  So I made a dark chocolate mocha frosting and some scratch-made whipped cream to adorn this prize-worthy cake.

Then the kids got ahold of it and attacked it with sprinkles and decorations, but it was still so springy and chocolatey that everyone had a piece.  Not a single person was “too full” for cake tonight!


You can find the recipe for this chocolate layer cake here.

I thought I wasn’t going to post this week since my computer is being repaired but I’m glad that I am able to share this with you!  Both the chocolate layer cake and the wonder that is Google+.  Facebook, you are sooooo last year.



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